Camp 411

Ride meetings are at about 7pm, we will honk the horn to let you guys know to gather.

Meals are served all day long on ride days (Fri/Sat/Sun.) You will be served if you are wearing a SoCo wristband; there is a different color band for each day. Riders get a wristband for each day that they ride. All extra wristbands can be purchased for $20 and you get to eat ALL DAY. Just go get food whenever you are hungry. Please wear your wristbands! ***If you are riding Fri and Sun you might want to buy a Sat wristband so you can get food and enjoy the LIVE MUSIC and festivities on your “off day.”

Live Music on Saturday afternoon played by Bruce Hayes!  Let’s not forget that we attend these events for FUN!  Enjoy great music in the shade of our SoCo HQ while you dive in to great local food, grilled up on site, surrounded by panoramic mountain views.

Registration barn opens on Thursday at noon. To insure all riders will fit in camp, please park your rigs North/South in rows starting on the North side of camp up against the scrub-oak.

For safety reasons, the FINISH LINE will be out of camp at the “North Tank” for the front runners who might be racing. To get there and watch, depart camp through the NE gate and follow 2-track 1/4mile to the large stock tank.  The finish line for all other riders will be in camp with the time keeper by the pulse box.

All riders check in 30 min before your start time!

Base Camp

Primitive camping, horse water will be provided at the tanks in camp (RV-hookups are coming in the future!) There will be porta-potties and a trash dumpster available to you. Please spread your manure and fill in any holes your horse digs. Dogs are allowed in camp, any aggressive dogs should be left at home or kept on a very short leash. Any dogs that bark incessantly or instigate fights will be given a large bowl of spicy chili and a king-size snickers, and then locked in your LQ.

For EMERGENCY info click here.

The Weather / Temps

Colorado is known for packing 4 seasons in to a day so be prepared for anything.  BUT, generally speaking, the weather is great and fairly predictable June, July and August, which is why we limit the SoCo ride season to those months.  A breeze and mid-afternoon sprinkles are common June/July.  Here are some charts to help you with your prep.

La Veta temps1La Veta temps2

The Trail

This is a true representation of the Southern Colorado Rockies and I don’t intend to butter that up for you. If you are worried about it being too challenging or technical, then ride the LD, I will make sure the LD is geared back so that inexperienced riders and horses can enjoy a less challenging but equally beautiful ride. The awesome geology around here makes for diverse terrain, with lots of climbs and descents as well as a few flat easy miles to cruise on. There will be some brief technical stretches to keep you entertained, so dismount when prompted if you are nervous. As for the endurance riders (50+ miles,) yes, this will be a challenging ride interspersed with technical stretches that will slow you down, so be smart with your pacing, make up time on the easy stuff and take your time in the tough stuff. I have designed the loops to mix it up, nice easy fast stretches interspersed with slow challenging climbs, descents, and fun technical stuff to keep you awake and give you something to write home about. The scenery is truly unbeatable, the ride camp setting is gorgeous, and as I said, the trails are diverse, with footing varying from flat, canterable-sandy-loam, to steep, walk-it-rocky. The land we are riding across is cattle country – there will be gates. I’m doing my best to minimize the number of gates, and improve the functionality of the ones we must keep closed. There is ample water on the trail, mostly cow tanks but also natural streams and ponds. Altitude: Camp is at >8000′ and the ride will range from 7000′ to a little over 9000′. Please remember that we are a young ride management team, we just got through our 2nd season, we want you guys to be safe and have a BLAST, we are still building trails.  Please feel free to give us constructive comments, advice, and recommendations, we’re doing our best for you!

Vet Checks: OUT vet check (Albright Barn) on Saturday, all other checks are IN.  One Vet Check for LDs, two VCs for 50s.

Meals: Our guys will start cooking early and they will serve you ALL DAY, anyone with a meal-wristband gets fed whenever they want, just go whenever you’re hungry.  A wristband is included for the rider for each day they enter a ride, please pay at the registration barn for additional wristbands (extra people, extra days.)  We take sandwiches and snacks to the out (Albright) check for the riders as well.

Local Amenities

La Veta has fuel stations, a grocery store with an ice cream shop, a well-stocked Big-R, an Inn, several B&Bs, a propane supplier, and a mechanic… not to mention an awesome coffee shop, several great restaurants, a salon, multiple art studios, a library, a gym, yoga, massage etc… The town is tiny and quaint but has just about everything you could need.  Please check out our LocaLinks!

Private Land

Please be respectful of the private land owners who have gracefully allowed this ride to take place. 100% (one hundred, as in ALL) of this ride is on PRIVATE LAND; the base camp and all of the trails are on private land and are only open to SoCo Endurance Entrants during SoCo Endurance Events. The many landowning families who live off of this land, and who have granted SoCo permission to host these events, are being more than generous – anyone who does anything to upset them may be pulled without refund, fined for any damages incurred, and denied entry in future events. The success and continuation of this ride requires that we be respectful of their land, livestock, and rules. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for absolutely any reason.


THANK YOU!!! Your meal is on the house, just report for duty at the pre-ride meeting (6pm the day before the race) so that we can designate a certain task to you, alternatively just show up during the ride (7am-7pm) and fall in line where help is obviously needed…usually need more people taking pulses (ask for a HRM or stethascope or bring your own if you have one,) or scribing for a vet, or helping fill water tanks, or making sure riders are hydrated by handing off water bottles, or just holding a horse while he snacks so the rider can sneak away for a second etc. Always tons to do! Thanks so much for your help!