Ride Card

Click here to submit a ride card for Busch Cattle Co. 2021

Click here to submit a ride card for Spanish Peaks / Wahatoya 2021


To enter a ride, you must submit a ride card for each day while you’re AT THE RIDE. You may submit this physically or online by clicking a link above. The links are only active during the rides.

What is a Ride Card? It is a card that riders fill out that officially enters them in a ride, one card must be submitted for each day. Yes, a ride card is a “Duck card,” (for those of you who have attended an XP ride.)

Why do we pre-register if we still need to submit a ride card? Because pre-registration helps us get a head-count, which is not only REQUIRED during COVID times, but also helps us to prepare for all of you by having enough water, porta potties, and awards for you all. If you gave us all of your membership numbers (AERC and or WDRA) then we can have all of that on file prior to the event, and it makes our lives MUCH easier during the event. You will not need to keep providing these numbers once you have submitted them for the first time at each event. Yay!

Why are these links only available DURING the rides? Because you might not show up. Making riders submit their official entry the day before the ride means they are very likely to be at the starting line in the morning. We also get REALLY TIRED of changing things, like when you change your distance or which horse you are riding. Some people change their minds about what they want to do 10 times in the months, weeks, and days before a ride. We don’t need to know your life story, we just want to know what your plan is “tomorrow morning,” and you probably won’t know 100% without a doubt until the night before. A lot can happen, engine troubles, flat tires, your horse got kicked, you decided you like purple, your cat ran away, whatever.

To submit a ride card physically (the traditional way,) simply go to the registration desk, grab a card, fill it out, and slide it in to the red submission box.