WDRA Events

Welcome to our WDRA event page!

Why are some of our events WDRA only?  Because they somehow don’t qualify to be AERC sanctioned events.  This is usually because they were not approved within the sanctioning window, or an unnecessary or unattainable document could not be produced, or because the mileage does not meet their requirements, or because the ride must be limited entry, (and history has shown us, that limited entry rides are unacceptable to many AERC members.)

WDRA rules apply to these events, it is your responsibility to know these rules before entering or attending a WDRA event.  There are not that many rules, so you have no excuse for not reading them.  They are posted below.  For more information about WDRA visit the WDRA website at www.WDRA.net there is also a link to become a member.

***YOU MUST BE A WDRA MEMBER TO ATTEND A WDRA EVENT, for insurance and liability reasons there are no “day riders” allowed.***

AERC has approved sanctioning for all of the following events! If for any reason (for example COVID,) AERC must withdraw sanctioning, WDRA will support the ride, the show must go on. The new “spring series” rides hosted by the JW Ranch are a great way to get your fuzzy mountain horses back in shape for the season. The Spanish Peaks Pioneer is a 5 day event, ending with the Whole Hog Hootenanny on the last day, followed by one day of rest before the 2-day Wahatoya Cup.

To minimize contact and crowds, all WDRA events hosted by SoCo Endurance are self-registration ON LINE.  You can do it on your phone (and even revisit to make updates when you need to!) If you have not registered yourself correctly, then you are not entered in the event.  Click on an event to register for it. Pay at the ride, cash, check or PayPal. Remember that you can re-visit these registration pages any time, to add your horses info for example, you can update your info all the way up to the ride date, but we would like to have your personal info as early as possible for a head count.

Each rider is responsible for their actions and decisions arriving to, during, and departing these events, it is not SoCo Endurance’s responsibility to “police” its riders on any terms, from the welfare of their horses, to their own health and safety. If you do not believe that you are responsible, and should be held accountable, then by all means, stay home.

Western Distance Riders Alliance Rules

“The overall intent of our rules is to operate with integrity supporting the best interest of the horse and rider.” – WDRA

  • 1. The event must be of sufficient difficulty to test the performance of equestrians and equines.
  • 2. The event must be under the control of control judges or veterinarians experienced with equines.
  • 3. The Event Manager may set a specific time limit for completion and will make any decisions about allowing variations for extenuating circumstances.
  • 4. The Event Manager will determine if an equestrian has met the completion requirements.
  • 5. Placements will be determined by the Event Manager.
  • 6. Event Managers reserve the right to make decisions about the proper conduct of equestrians and any person attending their event.
  • 7. The WDRA believes all equines should compete on their own natural ability. The use of all drugs and performance enhancing substances and procedures is forbidden. Any exceptions must come from the head control judge or the head veterinarian in writing.
  • 8. Protests will be handled through the primary sanctioning organization. Protests concerning the WDRA will be handled first by the Event Manager at the time of the event, provided that the protestor delivers a signed written description of the situation to the Event Manager at time of the event. Persons dissatisfied by the Event Manager’s decision can escalate the protest to the WDRA Board of Directors by submitting a signed written statement describing the situation for evaluation and possible decision. The decision of the WDRA Board of Directors is final.
  • 9. WDRA will record mileage for members who have successfully completed any distance event sanctioned by other recognized distance riding organizations.
  • To see WDRA Definitions, click here