WildCat Canyon – A Limited Entry Ride

UPDATE:  This ride is no longer AERC sanctioned.  Thanks to the folks that felt the ride was not all-inclusive (aka Limited.)  If they can’t have fun then no one can?  Just kidding, we’re doing it anyway!

Welcome to the WildCat Canyon Registration Page! 

Yes, this page has been HEAVILY modified to prevent confusion that was recently brought up on social media.  It was modified at the request of a disgruntled plaintiff who believed the word “invitational” was inappropriate.

Since this is a limited entry ride, pre-registration is REQUIRED and ALL WHO REGISTER on this website will receive an email response.  ANYONE can register.  Spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Those who make the cutoff will receive an email “inviting” them to come.  Those who register later and don’t make the cutoff will receive an email notifying them that they will be placed on a waiting list (in the order that they were received.)  Since the trails will not be remarked, prior knowledge of SoCo Endurance trails is highly recommended so that you don’t get lost.  Riders will have to follow written instructions and a map to find their way from point to point on bits and pieces of original SoCo trails, we are still finalizing the course.  There will be playing cards along the way to insure that you make it to various points.  Hence, we are simultaneously hosting a poker run, best poker hand wins, it will be fun!

The waiting list has been populated and therefor, registration has been closed.  (It only took a few days!) Thank you so much for your interest, I hope you can, instead, join us in June or August for our Pioneers, which have no limits on entries.  

Please note, that this ride is listed on the AERC calendar and open to the public, but we are trying to keep it quite small for many reasons.  This is why we have made it a limited entry ride, and have required pre-registration to create a queue.

To CLARIFY, and so that there is no confusion, email or messenger responses to rider’s registrations who made the cutoff initially were referred to, accurately, and non-demonically, as “invitations.”  Because of this, I thought it would be cute to call it the WildCat Invitational.  I had no idea that that word would offend several people and create a social media shitstorm.  My apologies for confusing a few of you in to thinking that it was a private event and that I sent out actual invitations.  It’s not, and I didn’t.

In my defense however, it is, by definition, an invitational event.  No matter how much one might hate that word, and no matter how much energy one might waste on hating the idea behind it.  You cannot keep a ride small without keeping track of the number of riders coming.  And you cannot keep track of the riders coming without communicating with them.

When I publicly say that I will host 15-20 riders in my personal home, how am I to tell those first 15+ registrants that they are allowed to come, without me actually, technically, “inviting” them?  Is it really worth wasting so much energy on a word when an event is clearly “all-inclusive” but yet limited by numbers?  Do you feel that I should not be allowed to limit the number of riders that will come in to my personal home?  If you are offended by the fact that registration has been closed, would it make you feel better if I reopened it, even though I already have the maximum number of riders, and a waiting list?  Do you think that rides this small should just be cancelled altogether?  These are just rhetorical questions for the “few” who may still be upset or confused about how a limited entry ride works.

For the rest of you, thank you so much for your support, sense of humor, and understanding!  I hope you can join us in 2019 for our “unlimited edition” rides in June and August.  Despite the fact that those ride are also, very clearly, open to the public, perhaps I’ll send out (non-exclusive) invitations just for fun!!!   😉

Happy Trails,  Tennessee Lane

2018 Registration is Closed