SoCo A-team

Above: “The SoCo A-Team”  Left to right: Reyes Gonzalez, Debby Blouin, Tennessee Lane, Laura Blanton DVM, Miranda Andress DVM, Below:Cody McCulough (holding Griff,) Jenna Sporcich

SoCo Endurance is an endurance riding/racing event venue.  The camp location is directly at the base of the Spanish Peaks, on the mesa that overlooks the quaint town of La Veta, CO.  The trails that make up the various courses are 100% on private ranch land, and are NOT public trails, they are used only for sanctioned SoCo events.  SoCo Endurance was founded by La Veta local: Tennessee Lane, who works closely with the many ranchers in the area to build, maintain, and design and mark over 130 miles of trail.  The trails not only cross Tennessee’s own ranch (Remuda Run & WildCat Canyon) but also her parent’s ranch (The Doubloon) along with around 20 other local ranching families including the Andreattas, Kreautzers, Deuzenacks, Albrights, Blaines, Schulanes, Zieners,  and more.

The ride camp itself is on The Doubloon Ranch.  The trails are a true representation of the Southern Colorado Rockies, with miles of fast, flowing sections broken up by challenging, technical stretches and plenty of up and down.  These rides have been thoughtfully designed to be very enjoyable and safe but also stimulating and demanding on endurance athletes both equine and human.  The scenery and unique geology of the area is breathtaking, the trail allows it’s participants to get intimate with features like sheer sandstone cliffs, 60′ granitic rock walls, flowing streams, technical ascents and descents, not to mention a plethora of alpine wildlife.

The town of La Veta is simply adorable, and has many conveniences that riders will find handy like Charlie’s Market, Big R, Paradise Coffee, Sid’s BBQ, Corners Cafe, Cowgirl Cantina, The La Veta Inn, several B&B’s, a salon, gym, post office and many little artsy shops. IMG_4961.JPG

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  1. I’m trying to figure out the cost associated with the 25 mile endurance race. Also what comes with the cost; camping, food, water, vet checks, ect… Am I looking in the right website? Thank you


    1. Hi Brittany,
      Every ride entry fee covers the usuals: camping on a private ranch, a well-above-average dinner, a well-marked trail, water is hauled in to fill troughs, photographers, awards, road maintenance, and we lay out water bottles and alfalfa near tanks and at vet checks etc. Yes, you are looking at the right website… that is if you are interested in any of the SoCo Endurance events of which there are three in the summer of 2017.


      1. Hi – I am novice to endurance (not a novice trail rider) and with a new, novice horse. It looks like I can’t sign up for any of the SoCo rides because of this qualification?:
        “50-mile ride: 300 lifetime AERC miles (horse) AND 300 lifetime AERC miles (rider) with at least 100 miles together. The mileage requirements must be met with endurance competitions of 50 miles or more only – no limited distance miles count towards qualification criteria.”

        is that true?


      2. Hello and welcome to the sport! You’ll be happy to hear that there are no qualifications for the open AERC rides that we are hosting in June and July, so you are welcome to sign up and come ride! We will be happy to introduce you to the sport! As for the National Championships ride in August, you are correct, there are qualifications for both the National Championship 50 and 100, HOWEVER, there is an Open LD that you can enter the day between those two championships races. If you are just getting in to the sport I recommend coming to our June and July rides and entering the LD (limited distance) rides, they are usually about 25 miles. Happy Trails!


  2. Hi – can you describe the footing at your ride? I usually go barefoot or with front boots on my horse. i’d really like to try for your rides this summer!


    1. Hi Terry! While this ride has a lot of great easy barefoot-able footing, there are also short stretches that are very rocky. We are easyboot users here and they perform great on these trails! If you just want to boot the fronts, just take it easy on the rocks, most everyone will walk those stretches anyway.


    1. Hi – Another quick question – what is the approximate elevation gain for the LD on all three days of the June ride? Thanks.


      1. I don’t have an answer to that, if you want, I can ask on the SoCo Facebook page if anyone GPS’d the LD’s last year? The snow is all finally about melted so we are about to get started working on trails and maps so if I do manage to GPS everything I will post it!


  3. do you have detailed maps of the trails for the August Spanish Peaks ride yet?
    could you send me a link?
    kent and Janeen Anderson


    1. No I do not. There are little changes here and there that I must address every single time I host a ride, its just part of the deal when you are working with 25 different landowners. I have also promised several landowners that I would not post maps online, as they are concerned about poachers getting a hold of our routes. Don’t worry, the trails will be clearly marked and good maps will be provided at the event.


  4. Very tentatively looking at coming out for the Pioneer at the end of June from the East Coast. Would want to get in the area early to let my horse recover and acclimate before the ride; how early could we arrive on-site?


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