2021 Results

Busch Cattle Co. – MAY Results

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2 day BC horses and riders. The 2 day LD BC went to BC Dudley, ridden by Kathleen Macy, and the 2 day 50 mile BC went to Valerio GA, ridden by Kerry Redente! Thank you Mike Guy for donating a pair of reins for these two awards!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cassadee Jaksch and her 2 horses “High Accuracy” and “Give Us A Kiss” who won the overall HIGH MILEAGE award for the SoCo Spring Series at Busch Cattle Co.!!! They won it with a cumulative of 250 miles over 6 days of riding, great job taking care of your 2 awesome horses Cassadee!

Congratulations to Cameron Holzer, Vicki Holzer, and Gwen Hall for setting a new course record on our 50 mile trail, all three completing together on fabulous, healthy, well-prepared horses that will surely shine at their next endeavor, the National Championships! Good luck gals, I hope our trails helped you reach your training goals and we wish you the very best of luck at Ft Howes! I would also like to point out the awesome consistency of the Holzers, who completed the 50 in 4:33 on day 1 (despite hail and rain,) and completed the exact same course on day 2 riding 2 completely different horses in 4:36. The difference was 3 minutes, over a 50-mile course riding different horses in completely different weather conditions.

Thank you all for toughing out Saturday’s brutal weather conditions, the many RO’s were understandable. While I love the idea of offering a place for mountain riders to train in the spring season, it really is just a crap shoot with the weather and there’s nothing I can do about it. I am not sure if I will do it again. If I do, I may try to shift the dates toward better weather. For now I’m going to focus on the Spanish Peaks and Wahatoya Cup, see you there!

Busch Cattle Co. – April Results

Busch Cattle Co. – March Results

PlacingRider IDRider First NameRider Last NameDivisionHorse IDHorse NameRide Time or Pull Code
4M40977DanaCernakLH50179Bubba Gump3:48:00
5M39965AmyGoodwinFH49201Rushcreek CO Two3:49:00
6M41672JesseFeinsodHH54013Ferzaks Goliath3:50:00
9M31444LauraReinholdLH56038Penacho SG (Nacho)4:14:00
9M45257Sarah JeanReegaMH56586Titania SSK4:14:00
11M34656ClaraSchonnenbekLH58536JJ Noble Shiloh4:15:00
12M6563JoannaZattieroMH50027ZM Flying Home4:36:00
12M45264VioletWojcikJR-FH55979Allegra’s Design4:36:00
15M39132TaylorFisherYR-FH51069Kenlyn Kourvy5:01:00
16M30354TanjaHessFH58612Kenlyn Black Beauty5:02:00
0M21177LindaBrownellerMH57157Emagine he is mineL
Saturday 25 miles 1st Place: Karrah Dawson riding Tequila, Best Condition: Annapurna ridden by Sami Browneller

2M41847CassadeeJakschYR-LH50183Give Us A Kiss6:53:38
3M42053ElizabethGrimshawFH54147Cricket (Prinzymess SPS)7:41:44
4M44784KelleyBreslinFH51848Kenlyn Aurora8:34:25
4M42572AnnabelSandersH49010Travelin Soldier8:35:25
0M30782KerryRedenteFH55751Valerio GARO
0M42573JohnAndersonHH52608RR Moctar (Jack)RO
Saturday 50 miles 1st Place: Gwen Hall riding Sizedoesntmatter, Best Condition: SizeDoesntMatter ridden by Gwen Hall

2M41672JesseFeinsodHH54013Ferzaks Goliath3:07:35
3M39965AmyGoodwinFH49201Rushcreek CO Two3:23:27
5M40977DanaCernakLH50179Bubba Gump3:23:37
8M33633JimChristakosMH56120TA Khalipso3:29:17
9M44614KelleyTrierweilerMH56908Arcenciel Moftakharra3:29:38
10M34656ClaraSchonnenbekLH58536JJ Noble Shiloh3:31:39
11M39132TaylorFisherYR-FH51069Kenlyn Kourvy3:46:27
14M45257Sarah JeanReegaMH56586Titania SSK4:43:41
15M31444LauraReinholdLH56038Penacho SG (Nacho)4:45:15
16M42573JohnAndersonHH53212Kenlyn Azriel5:20:17
17M42572AnnabelSandersFH56889Kenlyn Spring Fever5:20:23
Sunday 25 miles 1st Place: Gwen Hall riding Sizedoesntmatter, Best Condition: SizeDoesntMatter ridden by Gwen Hall

1M38888JulieFiggLH55994DSA Raincloud Sprite7:14:56
Sunday 50 miles 1st Place: Julie Figg riding Sprite, Best Condition: Thor ridden by Tennessee Lane

3-28-21FunxM30354TanjaHessFH58612Kenlyn Black BeautyCompletion
3-28-21FunxM39018AxelThurnerH46362Docs Boon LightCompletion
3-28-21FunxM20251StephanieStrubeLH41295Kenlyn SashayCompletion
Sunday Funday!