2022 update, Busch Cattle Co is under new management!

Please visit their new website by clicking here!


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GPS Coordinates:  37°27’46.2″N 104°57’21.8″W

Health Certificates:  Use this address – CR 363, La Veta, CO 81055

Directions:  If the above link does not help you then tell your phone to navigate to La Veta, and start from the corner of Hwy 12 (aka Oak St) and Cucharas Street.  Turn East on to Cucharas Street (dirt) and head straight up to the top of the hill where it makes a “T” and turn right.  You will see the first SoCo Ride Camp Sign there and know what to look for the rest of the way to camp.  The signs are at each turn, so stay on course till you are prompted to turn.  CR 360 jogs at 90 degree angles several times as it works it way South toward the peaks.  Camp is roughly 10miles from town on county roads.  Our signs look like this…

SoCo Ride Camp Signs

Note!  From I-25 please drive all the way to Walsenburg and then exit and take Hwy 160 West, and then Hwy 12 South to La Veta.  Do not try to short cut from Walsenburg or Trinidad on county roads to get to camp the back way unless you are looking for an 4×4 adventure.  

Click here for Google Map Link

GPS Coordinates:  37°27’46.2″N 104°57’21.8″W

La Veta Map

Click on any of the below guidance images for better view of what you’ll be looking for when you get to La Veta!

Charlie’s Market – Downtown La Veta, CO