2022 Events – Preregistration is required.


Our events are currently sanctioned by AERC, and will also be recorded by WDRA.

The SoCo Spring Series @

Busch Cattle Co.

The location of the SoCo Spring Series is the Busch Cattle Company ranch (this location is NOT the SoCo Spanish Peaks ride camp.)  Busch ride camp is 17 miles EAST of Walsenburg, CO.  Check back for 2022 dates.  The trails are 2-track and cow trails across eastern Colorado prairie and canyonlands, all on a single, private property.  These rides are meant to help regional riders “thaw out” after a long winter, get back in shape for the season, get some miles on their records, and have fun.  We hope you enjoy this very minimalistic and casual format, and appreciate our gracious hosts.  Fees per day: Fun Ride-$60, LD & 50-$100, all participants must be AERC or WDRA members.  Profit will go to the Busch family.  Start times LDs-9am, 50s-8:30am, Fun riders-9:15am & totally flexible pending approval with management.  Registration is not yet open for 2022.

The Spanish Peaks Pioneer

The Spanish Peaks Pioneer is June 25-29, 2022.   Ride camp opens Tuesday.  Location: SoCo Endurance Spanish Peaks Ride Camp.  Five days of riding, (Saturday – Wednesday) with fun/intro rides, LDs & 50s all days.  The middle day also offers a 55-mile ride for any horse-rider teams going for a “pioneer,” giving many options for 155-mile pioneer completions (days 1-2-3, 2-3-4, or days 3-4-5,) on top of the even more challenging 4 and 5 day pioneer options.  We will host our traditional Whole Hog Hootenanny, with live music, on Wednesday evening.  For those coming for the whole event (Spanish Peaks Pioneer + Wahatoya Cup,) Thursday is our day of rest/prep, vet-in for the Cup will be Friday (see below for more WC details.)  There will be overall, multi-day achievements recognized for all distances ridden cumulatively.  Start times LDs-7:30am, 50s-7:00am, Fun rides start after 8am and are totally flexible. Registration is not yet open for 2022.

SP100 – The Wahatoya Cup

The Wahatoya Cup is on July 2nd, 2022. Location: SoCo Endurance Spanish Peaks Ride Camp.  We encourage our “WahCup” riders to arrive early and join us for the Whole Hog Hootenanny on Wednesday evening, if not for the entire Spanish Peaks Pioneer.  This 100 mile, 75 mile, and 75 elevator, is a single day ride (immediately following the 5-day Pioneer) on the 1st Saturday of July, with the trails nicely broken in from the week of SPP traffic.  Vet-in begins Friday at 11AM and the ride meeting will be at 4pm.  The 75/100mile awards ceremony will be on Sunday morning, where you will see the “Wahatoya Cup” (fastest time) and “Kevin Myers Memorial Cup” (Best Condition) trophy winners with their horses, as well as the buckle presentations for all completing riders of this epic trail.  Start time is 4:30 AM for all riders.  Registration is not yet open for 2022.

All Start times are subject to change due to weather or safety concerns.

Meet our veterinarians!

What is SoCo Endurance’s 2021 COVID Plan?

It’s short and sweet.

If you have a fever, stay home.
If you develop a fever, go home (or to a hospital.)
If you are genuinely worried about getting sick, then you should absolutely stay home.
Your health is 100% your own responsibility, as are the risks you take (socializing, traveling, exposing yourself to different environments, and riding.) If you disagree with this statement, then stay home.

Please respect each other’s space, and socialize at a level that you feel safe.

You have the right to wear a mask and socially distance at all times.

We encourage all to pre-register, this will greatly minimize contact and help management with a head count. Our registration process can be virtually contactless if you do pre-register.  Daily ride cards (Duck Cards) can be submitted in person or digitally (take a picture of your ride card and text it to us) and payment can be performed via PayPal, for those who prefer a zero-contact experience.  To reduce risk, we have made some changes that will minimize gatherings and contact, you’ll see, just pick up your rider packet when you arrive and READ WHAT’S INSIDE.

New to endurance riding?

A great way to get in to this sport is to enter one of our fun rides, they are set up just like an endurance ride but they are only 9-15 miles and just one loop, but you will learn about vet checks, vet cards, rules, how to “vet your horse in” to the ride, and how to “vet out” for completion etc.  We are very patient with this group of riders and happy to answer questions.  On top of that, you will be surrounded by more experienced endurance riders doing the 25-50-75-100 mile rides, so you can observe and volunteer and learn everything you need to know in order to start bumping up in the mileage categories or get competitive.  These rides are gorgeous so you and your horse will have a blast, all you need is basic, independent trail-riding skills.