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$$$ Fees $$$

Fun Ride: $60
LD: $100
50mi: $130
75mi: $200
SP100 Buckle: $100, available upon completion of the 100 miler, refunds available if you pull.
Extra meals: $20 (riders are fed ALL day the day of their ride entry, get an extra meal wristband for your off day, or for your crew so they can eat all day too.)

Fees help us cover expenses to maintain and mark 130 miles of private trail, provide hearty meals, haul water to camp, purchase awards, live music and more!  When you pay for food, it means you get food ALL DAY, from 9am to 7:30pm, available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Pre-paying is greatly appreciated but YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREPAY!!!  You can pay when you get here.  Pre-registering is VERY VERY helpful to us, if you plan on coming, please just submit an entry, even if you don’t know which horse you’ll be riding, we’ll sort that out when you get here.

Pay with PayPal  If you use PayPal, I can refund your payment immediately with one single click, which makes refunds extremely easy and fast.  Just a thought 😉


Alternatively, please make checks out to Remuda Run, and mail to:

Remuda Run     PO Box 922     La Veta, CO  81055

Thank you for preregistering!!!  It helps us immensely to be prepared for you all!