AERC Rides

Due to COVID-19 regultaions, all of our 2020 AERC events have been cancelled. Registration is CLOSED. 😦

2020 Rider Registration CLOSED








$$$ Fees $$$

AERC Riders – Fun Ride: $60     LD: $100     50mi: $120     75mi: $175*     100mi:$200
WDRA-only Riders – Fun Ride: $40     LD: $80     50mi: $100     75mi: $155*     100mi:$180
(* 75 Elevator option, pay for whichever distance you opt for 75 or 100.)

NEW Multi-day INCENTIVE program!

If you enter 3 or more days of SoCo Events, you will get $10 off per day!
SP100 Buckle: $100, available upon completion of the 100 miler.
Extra meals: $15 (whole hog hootenanny, Jun15th only)
Corrals are $10/horse/night first come-first serve
Hay/Alfalfa will be available for purchase, price TBD
We are currently working on building more corrals, an RV septic dump, a community horse turn-out area, and the ability to refill trailer/RV water tanks.
Extracurricular activities:  Yoga $free, Cornhole Tournament $20/team (Cash Prize,) Horseless Rider 5K $25, Horseless Rider 10K $25, Poker Ride $100 (Cash prizes.)
Not an AERC Member?  Then please add “AERC Member Day Fee,” which is $15, to your entry fee, for EACH day that you ride (distance options below.)
Why is the WDRA-only category less expensive?  Because we don’t have to pay the numerous fees charged by the AERC.  Note: The WSTF recognizes / accepts WDRA miles, this may be useful information to those trying to qualify for Tevis.  Learn more about WDRA and become a member at

While pre-paying is greatly appreciated, keeping track of refunds can be a hassle.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREPAY!!!  It’s best if you pay when you get here.
Pre-registering , however, is VERY VERY helpful to us, if you plan on coming, please just submit an entry, even if you don’t know which horse you’ll be riding, it helps us just to know how many people are coming so we have enough “stuff.”

Pay with PayPal  or make checks out to Remuda Run.

Thank you for preregistering!!!  It helps us immensely to be prepared for you all!