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$$$ Fees $$$

Fun Ride: $80
LD: $115
50mi: $130
Extra meals: $20 (riders are fed ALL day the day of their ride entry, get an extra meal wristband for your off day, or for your crew so they can eat all day too.)
National Championship rides – 50mi: $150 & 100mi: $250*

Fees help us cover expenses to maintain and mark 130 miles of private trail, provide home cooked dinners, haul water to camp, purchase awards and more.  National Championship (NC) rides include entry schwag bags, bigger/better completion and divisional awards, buckles, more food, more vets (flown in and housed,) live music and more!  When you pay for food, it means you get food ALL DAY, from 9am to 7:30pm.


Pay with PayPal  If you use PayPal, I can refund your payment immediately with one single click, which makes refunds extremely easy and fast.  Just a thought 😉

Alternatively, please make checks out to Remuda Run, and mail to:

Remuda Run     PO Box 922     La Veta, CO      81055

AERC National Championships……..

Riders Must Be Qualified To Enter the Championship 50 & 100!!!  (see below)

a) All entrants must be current full members of AERC

b) All riders must ride in the declared weight division

c) Riders will be eligible* to participate in this event by qualifying under the AERC-NC criteria defined as follows:


50-mile ride: 300 lifetime AERC miles (horse) AND 300 lifetime AERC miles (rider) with at least 100 miles together. The mileage requirements must be met with endurance competitions of 50 miles or more only – no limited distance miles count towards qualification criteria.

100-mile ride: 500 lifetime AERC miles (horse) AND 500 AERC lifetime miles (rider) with at least one 100 mile, one day ride together. The mileage requirements must be met with AERC endurance competitions of 50 miles or more – no limited distance miles count towards qualification criteria.

Alternative qualifications for 100 mile ride: Horse/rider as a team have completed 1,000 AERC endurance miles together (rides of 50miles or more only).

Horse and rider being ranked as a team in the overall top 10 of their AERC region in the year preceding the National Championship Ride they are entering

d) Only eligible members under the AERC NC qualifications will be able to ride at this ride with the exception of riders who are designated to sponsor qualified junior entrants. This sponsoring rider will receive career lifetime mileage only for the unqualified horse and sponsoring rider, but will not affect the overall placement standings for the RIDE. The RM may choose to allow several unqualified riders to enter as eligible sponsors for riders whose sponsors may be pulled during the ride. These unqualified riders will be reported in the results as lifetime mileage only.

*If you do not meet qualification criteria for the NC ride but still want to participate in the event, then you can enter and ride for miles and completion only (no placing) and you must promise to sponsor a Junior rider in the case that a Junior rider’s sponsor is pulled.  Also, a qualified Junior rider may start off with a sponsor who is not qualified (the junior will place, but the sponsor will get completion miles only) – ALL finisher will be treated equally when it come to completions awards, however only NC competitors will receive NC buckles.  

*AERC is providing completion buckles for the National Championship 100 (included in entry fee,) anyone who would like a Spanish Peaks 100 buckle in addition to that may purchase one at the finish for $100, they will be available on site.  It has been accepted that the AERC National Championships is its own, unique event, but it is in fact on the Spanish Peaks 100 course, so we want to first and foremost recognize AERC, but also give you the opportunity to sport the coveted SP100 buckle upon completion of the course.

Bring it on!  Good luck!!!