SoCo Limited Distance CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

“LDs are underrated, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

Tennessee Lane Blouin

The rider must sign up for the LD Championship before riding the first day.

The horse and rider team must start, and complete, all 5 days of LD rides – fit to continue.

The horse and rider team with the fastest overall completion time (all 5 days added together) wins.

There will be an overall Best Condition awarded to one of the horses that completes the SoCo Limited Distance Championship in the Top 10; this horse will be chosen by the veterinary panel.

All AERC rules apply.

Each individual day of the 5-day Spanish Peaks Pioneer ride is, of course, still completed as a single day LD. Therefore, if a team drops out of this championship (for example by not completing one day or skipping a day,) they are still eligible to enter subsequent rides per the usual AERC regulations.

When considering this championship, it is wise to remember the overall goal, which is to complete all 5 days – not necessarily to win each individual day. This is a true test of the horsemanship of the rider, as well as the fitness and overall stamina of the horse.