Busch Cattle Co.

This event is under new management!

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“I am very pleased to announce that my friends will be taking over the BCC events for me. Having gotten this “Spring Series” through its first year – the trail is permanently marked, the camp is set, the maps and GPS’ing is done – so I am confident that they will be able to take the management reins and host a successful ride. Don’t worry, I will still be present, and contributing by providing water for camp, but I am SO very thankful and relieved to be able to attend this ride as a rider!”

– Tennessee Lane Blouin, 2021

The location of the SoCo Spring Series is Busch Cattle Co., this is NOT the SoCo Spanish Peaks ride camp.  Busch Ride Camp is 17 miles EAST of Walsenburg, CO on Highway 10.  Repeating for good measure…the camp is at mile marker 17, East of Walsenburg on Hwy 10. Yes, you can click that sentence 😉

Walsenburg, Colorado

Wondering what the weather looks like at ride the Busch Cattle Co ride camp right now? Here is a link to a traffic camera just 10 miles WEST of camp, you can assume that the weather is equal-ish or fairer since it is West of camp. Click here for LIVE Traffic Cam.