The Spring Series

“Busch Cattle Co.”

March 27-28, April 17-18, and May 22-23

Walsenburg, Colorado

Due to COVID, this ride camp will be limited to < 75 people, (including management.)

The location of the SoCo Spring Series has changed to Busch Cattle Co., this is NOT the SoCo Spanish Peaks ride camp.  Busch Ride Camp is 17 miles EAST of Walsenburg, CO on Highway 10.  Repeating for good measure…the camp is at mile marker 17, East of Walsenburg on Hwy 10. Yes, you can click that sentence 😉

The THREE(3) rides will each be the same; 2 days of Fun, LD and 50 mile, minimal frills rides.  The trails are 2-track and cow trails across eastern Colorado high-desert prairie and rugged canyonlands, all on private property.  Colorado has a dual-personality; the East and the West, with the boldly drawn line of I-25 to divide the two. This ride represents the Eastern side, while the Spanish Peaks & Wahatoya rides represent the Western side. Both sides are worth seeing!

Camp is primitive prairieland, horse water and portapotties will be provided.   These rides are minimal frills because of COVID. Minimal Frills means that self-registration will be minimal contact, you will pick up your rider packet at the registration desk when you arrive, it will contain your ride cards, informational flyer, and ride maps.  Results will be posted, and completion award(s) will be available for pick up after each ride There will not be vet cards, ride meetings, award presentations, or meals.  There will be a food truckSun Bear Cafe!  This approach eliminates large gatherings, and allows people to socialize and ride at their own comfort level, while minimizing expenses. 

Your health and safety are 100% your own responsibility; it is your decision, and your RIGHT, to leave your home, to travel, to socialize, and to ride a horse. If you disagree with that statement, or have concerns about getting sick, you should definitely stay safe at home.  We are doing everything we can to eliminate social contact, if you want to avoid contact and socially distance, you will absolutely be able to do so without compromising your ride in any way. The closest contact you will have will be vetting, which has a modified layout, and during which masks are required. We cannot avoid this step without throwing “the welfare of the horse” out the window. In this sport, our horses well-being has always been on par with our own.

These rides are meant to help regional riders “thaw out” after a long winter, get back in shape for the season, get some miles on their records, and have fun.  We hope you enjoy this very minimalistic and casual format, and appreciate our gracious hosts at Busch Cattle Co.  We will be running on a skeleton crew, and want you to bear in mind the purpose of these rides, which is spring training. Save the race-brain for later in the season, please. We would love for you all to take great care of your horses, and not have any “incidents.”

SPRING WEATHER IS UNPREDICTABLE. Putting springtime rides on in Colorado is a gamble, so please come prepared for anything from snow, to sunshine. We will make the best of it because… that’s what we do in the mountain zone (even in summer!) #ItsOutOfOurControl #PrayForSunshine #YoureWelcomeForEvenTrying #Enjoy

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER to help us maintain a healthy head-count, you do not have to pre-pay. Fees: Fun Ride-$60, LD & 50-$100, all participants must be AERC or WDRA members.  Start times: LDs-9am, 50s-8:00am, Fun riders-9am & flexible. All vet check are IN camp. Profit from the ride will go to the Busch family.  All start times are subject to change at the ride manager’s discretion (due to weather or other safety challenges.) Head to the registration desk to pick up your packet when you arrive.

Vet – In Friday starts at 5pm. Wear a mask each time you present your horse to the vet.

Dr. Miranda Andress will be vetting these rides, and there is a treatment vet available in Walsenburg at Rio Cucharas. Walsenburg also has many other amenities like groceries, feed, restaurants, fuel, and the Spanish Peaks Regional Hospital.

Each rider is responsible for their actions and decisions arriving to, during, and departing these events, it is not SoCo Endurance’s responsibility to “police” its riders on any terms, from the welfare of their horses, to their own health and safety. To see current local COVID restrictions, click here.

The Busch Family has asked that you respect their property by: not having campfires, not collecting any artifacts (from antlers to arrowheads,) and being vigilant about natural risks such as rattlesnakes, prairiedog holes, barbed-wire, and bobcats. They hope you enjoy riding on their family ranch.

Health Certificates, use address: mm17 Hwy-10, Walsenburg, CO 81089